Women’s History Month: Honoring Hardworking Women Then and Now

Tracy Lamptey, Reporter

March is National Women’s History Month.

Here at North, librarian Ms. Yoho and assistant principals Dr. Mobley and Ms. Anderson decided to celebrate Women’s History Month by honoring some of the women here in our own community.

Dr. Mobley and Ms. Anderson created tutorials when women in the Bloomington community to come speak to students and inform them about the struggles that women face today.  

Recently, Ms. Yoho and Dr. Mobley also weighed in on why they believe Women’s History Month is so important.  They shared their personal experiences as women in education, as well as their perspectives regarding women in society.    

“As you may or may not know, our history books have been written by middle class, upper class white men, so women’s achievements and things that women deal with often get written out of history,” Ms. Yoho said. “[Women’s History Month] started as a day then, it turned into a week, and now it’s a month.”

Ms. Yoho believes that it is important for women to be highlighted in their achievements and also that people are aware of those achievements.

She discusses how women a lot of challenges, challenges like not getting paid as much as men that hold them back professionally and personally.   

“A lot of women can overcome [challenges], those with strong self-esteem, a good support system of women and men,” Ms. Yoho said. “If you’re self-driven, you can succeed regardless of what the obstacles may be.”

Regardless of whatever might be in a woman’s path, all hope is not lost,

especially in today’s society.

Dr. Mobley, one of North’s female administrators, offered advice for the modern young women.

“Be strong, be resilient, have a goal in mind,” Dr Mobley said. “It’s important to find something that you’re passionate about and use it to help you succeed.”

She mentioned role models, such as Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren, who inspire many women.

“I think more of just the everyday woman who’s out there in the country working,” Dr. Mobley said. “Women who have children and are able to balance the home life and their education and career.”

Dr. Mobley mentioned people in her life that have inspired her and helped her get to where she is.

“First my mom,” she said. “Secondly, a math teacher comes to mind that I had in school, her name is Mrs Chapman. She was very inspirational for me and at that time there weren’t a lot of women math teachers and then as I continued in education. Ms. Anderson, one of the assistant principals here at North, who inspires me.”

Women’s History Month will continue to be celebrated because there are young women who are growing up to be trailblazers and role models.

There are a lot of women both in the past and now who have paved the way for women and young women today. It is very important to acknowledge them not only during March but also during other months.

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