Boys Tennis State Champs

The North boys tennis team grabbed the Conference Indiana title by the shackles two  weekends ago, as they fought to victory for the second year in a row.

The end of the process to seal the deal, started Thurs night beginning with a singles match between North senior, Mac Rogers, defeated Kevin Lin from Columbus North in two matches ending 6-0 and 6-1.

Christian Gettelfinger, junior, also won his singles match, helping boost the team despite both of the doubles losses for the pairs of Arpan Bose/Sam Orbaugh and Max Graf/Jack Rusche.

The head to head match between North’s Paul Dzubay, senior, and Columbus North’s Akshaya Sabapathy is what led our North team to tie for the Conference title, when Dzubay defeated Sabapathy 6-2 and then 6-4. This was the match tied North’s team with the Perry Meridian team and led them to the final showdown between the two.

The shared title did not last long, as it was then battled out Friday evening between Bloomington North and Perry Meridian. North had a clean sweep by winning all four matches that took place.

Gettlefinger won two singles, Dzubay won three singles, Orbaugh/Bose won one doubles, and Graf/Rusche won two doubles. All of the night’s winners led to the cougars grip of the Conference Indiana title once again.

The boys tennis season has wrapped up for this year, and they have us left expecting great things for the next years to come.