Homecoming Game by Frances Sheets

Organizing an entire week’s of worth student activities and school spirit for 1600 people might sound like a daunting task, but in just four meetings the Student Council does exactly that.

At North, everything from the themes for each day of Spirit Week to the Homecoming dance itself is decided in just four days.

“Planning and working events has been my favorite part of high school,” Arianna Buehler, junior and Co-Publicity directory for Student Council, said. “I love knowing that the work I put into event gets turned into school spirit and fun.”

This year’s Spirit Week kicked off with Camo Day on Monday, followed by Superhero, Tie Dye, Sports and the traditional school colors on Friday of Maroon and Gold.

The slew of Spirit Week events included the girls’ Powder Puff Flag Football game, a bonfire and kickoff event.

The kickoff included performances by the cheerleaders, the dance team and a tie-dyeing event to help students who didn’t own tie-dyed shirts for Wednesday’s Spirit Week theme.

The Powderpuff Flag Football game is an annual event that always takes place the Thursday before Homecoming. In this game, junior and seniors girls square off in a game of football. This year, the game was riveting because it went into triple overtime. An hour and a half after kickoff, the junior girls were able to snag the win 12-6.

Girls Powder Puff Flag Football by Arianna Buehler
Mr Akers poses at the Powder Puff Game to show his school spirit by Arianna Buehler

All the proceeds went to Hoosier Hills Food Bank. Admission was $1 or a canned good.

After the match, a bonfire is hosted by Calvary Baptist Church. Students went over for food, music and games.

The theme for Homecoming this year was Jungle, which allowed students to explore the idea through their own unique interpretations. On the night of the game, people were walking around wearing everything from khaki shorts to feline makeup and tails to leafy thematic dresses.

Lacee Freeman, sophomore, cheers on the football team by Frances Sheets

Senior President George Morpurgo, in a monkey suit, paraded around the watchers, spurring the cheering crowds.

“All the proceeds from the dance go to hurricane relief, which makes the event not only fun to attend, but also for a good cause,” Tamara Brown, co-president of the Student Council said.

The Homecoming Game, on the other hand raises money for the Hoosier Hills Food Bank.

“With the lack of a formal attire requirement, poorer students can come in as well, contributing to North’s all-inclusive principle.” Morpurgo said.

At around 8:30, the game started again and the parade floats organized by the council were brought in.

Marching band by Frances Sheets

Morpurgo believes that the float is the Council’s main contribution. The jungle themed floats were driven all around the stadium to the enthusiasm of the enthralled onlookers.

The Homecoming Court this year was Maddie Shaw and Joey Trussle for freshmen, Tonnayjia Barbee and Omar Elhanafy for sophomores, Isa Ballevoil and Bella Brownsparks for juniors. The Homecoming King was Daniel Price and the Queen Kinzie Browning.

Junior Sydney Piercy hands out congratulatory sashes to the Homecoming Court by Frances Sheets

The event ended with victory for the Cougars against the Perry Meridian Falcons 34-24 and the Commons echoed with jubilant cries of the revelers late into the night. As the end of the dance approached, the music grew wilder and the dancers grew bolder. The intermingling of students from different grade levels all present for the same cause meant new friendships were being formed and the hierarchies between upper and lower classmen broken down even if it was just for one night.

Homecoming Dance takes place in the Commons by Frances Sheets