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An Introduction to the New Administration

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Halfway through the second term, you’re possibly already up to your ears in essays, worksheets, math problems, and tests that you didn’t even know you had. Post- first report card and with football season wrapping up, it feels like this school year is in full swing, but you may still be asking yourself: who’s running stuff here? With almost a complete revampment, North welcomed three new officials to our administration and Fused sat down to learn a little more about each individual. Don’t worry, you won’t be tested over this stuff, but at least if you were, you’d have a study guide. 😉


Mr.Akers– “Head Honcho”

Position: Mr.Michael Akers is the replacement of Mr.Jeff Henderson. He handles approval for all events, programs, student activities, and faculty organizations. He moved to North after almost 20 years of working different positions at North Central High School in Indianapolis.


Expectations for the year: Mr.Akers really expect this year to be that of growth. With the administrative transition, there is a lot of information to be shared and an adjustment for both faculty and students to the new school environment. He’s hoping to improve on community and student participation in all school events, stressing that it’s important for students to support each other.


Looking forward to: learning more about students, North’s cultural atmosphere, and the quirky things that make this school different from others. Stating that one of the reasons he took the job is because he “loves Bloomington, always has” he appreciates the differences between Bloomington and the rest of our state.


Hobby: Aker’s enjoys watching sports, reading, and listening to music in his free time. As a high schooler he participated in band as well as playing club league baseball, so both activities have been part of his life for a very long time.


Something they’re passionate about: Open, honest communication. Akers asked rhetorically, “little can be done if people are unwilling to talk about the hard stuff openly, you know?”. Being able to state things as they are and listen to each perspective is something that Akers greatly values and as he’s adjusting to North he knows that communication is the key to crafting a strong bond between the administration and the student body.


Something Akers wants students to know: “Advocate for yourself, let your voice be heard,” says Akers. He views it to be very important for students to speak up and address problems that are impacting them or go after opportunities that may benefit them. “No one else is going to do it for you in the world, it’s important that students learn to speak up for themselves”.


Mrs.McAdams- “Boss Lady”

Position: Assistant Principal- McAdams has been at North for a number of years working as a teacher and then department chair of inclusion classes.


Specialty: Focus on underclassmen (9th & 10th),  inclusion programs, state regulated , faculty bulletin


Expectations for the year: Mrs.McAdams is excited to build with the new administrative team and is sure that each person has a different component and experience to offer to creating a better school environment for the next year.


Looking forward to: Working with more students about what they want to see develop within their school for the next year. Also looking forward to learning as much as she can about the foundation of what makes North run, from computer programs to discipline procedures.


Hobby: McAdams likes to read in her free time, ranging from nonfiction to southern fiction. She also spends some of her time with interior design and enjoys spending time outside in the sunshine of summer.


Something they’re passionate about: It may be difficult to have uncomfortable discussions but it’s important that “every student feel heard” and to not be afraid to talk to someone based off of a perception of how the conversation may go. Be open and willing to listen and hope for the same in return.


Every cougar should know: “Always try to see the other perspective, try to understand where the other person is coming from”.


Fun Fact: Graduated from BHSN and participated in newspaper and yearbook, as well as on the school dance team!


Mr.Irwin- “Pack Leader”

Position:Assistant Principal, justed moved here after three years at Columbus North having spent over a decade more at different schools in Richmond, Maryland and Florida.


Specialty: Upperclassmen programs (11th and 12th), curriculum review, and teacher evaluations


Expectations for the year: Mr.Irwin is looking forward to connecting with students and teachers this year and expanding student involvement throughout the different programs available at North.


Looking forward to: Understanding students and the school culture of North. Irwin spends a lot of time filtering in and out of classrooms and in the hallways offering him the opportunity to get to know students and allow them a chance to see him and know his role in the building.


Hobby: Mr.Irwin spends a large portion of his time reading, frequently switching between multiple books at once. He also likes to hike and visit museums. Mr.Irwin is constantly trying to learn more information about history, sociology, and the environment.


Something they’re passionate about: Building relationships with students is extremely important to Mr.Irwin. He believes that his experience in diverse environments can contribute to difficult conversations that may take place at school, wanting to provide students with a safe and positive learning experience.


Every cougar should know:  Mr.Irwin believes that each student should chase after what makes them happy and appreciate each moment of positivity they have saying, “Joy is one of those underrated things.”


Describe yourself in three words: “Nerdy, inquisitive, and joyful.”

Mr.Debro and Mr.Hudson got an entirely new team and we’re all looking forward to see the changes and improvements North will see in the next year.

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An Introduction to the New Administration