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Snowy Fashion Through the Eyes of Ignorance

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The world of fashion is a landscape of dangerous decisions, calculating creativity, and intriguing influences. Maneuvering this jungle of treacherous trends is something not many do, but for those who try success is a reward well worth it.


I talked to several students very entrenched in the fashion scene, and they clued me in to how the whole thing works here at North. It’s really very complicated, and something that all of the students here seem to think about constantly. Almost everyday the trends seem to change, but they are very subtle. If you don’t look close enough you’ll miss it.


Some may not know the man, but his accomplishments are well renowned. Sawyer Connolly is a trend setter, and, though he may not acknowledge it, he is an icon to many. People describe him as ‘stoic’ yet ‘flamboyant, in a sort of discrete way.’


“I like to dress myself, I guess; sometimes unconventionally,” Connolly stated. “I have fun with it.”


Connolly sites the want to “stop wearing the same blue jeans” as the spark that shot him right into the fashion scene. He then went on to say that the desire to dress better keeps him going. Many students around the school are grateful of this, as he continues to spread new ideas to this day.


Any further questions were met with a blank stare; one that said everything and nothing at the same time. Some students around the school have speculated that this is an extension of his whole fashion statement.


Fewer are more aware of fashion, though, than the self-proclaimed fashion giant Ermengarde Du Bois. A junior, she walks these halls like they were her playground, spotting trends faster than a cheetah chasing down a gazelle, and setting them faster than it takes to say ‘fashion is a formidable forte.’


“If you’re not ready to be scared and uncomfortable,” Du Bois said, “you’re not ready for true fashion.”


Not even a senior, and already she has made a name for herself, carrying around  behind her a pack of eager fans, often blocking up the hallways. (It is said this is the reason for the blockage out in front of the library.)


Giants don’t get where they are without a little help, or at least a poet doesn’t get their poem without inspiration. Du Bois’ inspiration comes from her neighbor, Gareth, who she says is her icon. She says Gareth is truly fashion forward, and that she just keeps pushing the envelope.


For those who are trying to keep up with the flood waters that is trending items, Du Bois says that “Mom jeans are in, polos are out, and Braces? So in right now.”


Apparently a month ago there was rash of people wearing their backpacks backwards. Students wore them throughout the day, even while class was in session. I talked with John Doe, and he said that it was the “Next big thing.”


“Oh yes, most definitely,” said Doe. “When the first person started doing it that one day, I really felt like I could get in early on a craze, for once.”


Doe alleged that certain teachers even participated in the event, wearing their suitcases backwards, as well as their jackets and even hats. Asking around I could not find any of the teachers’ names.


When asked why the craze stopped, the student refused to answer, quoting his fifth amendment rights.


To the untrained eye, North is a battleground of chaos; an ever-changing mishmash of spastic explosions of new ideas. But if you decide to take a look at what’s really happening in the minds of those orchestrating this madness, you might just find something beautiful.


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Snowy Fashion Through the Eyes of Ignorance