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Aries- The wild child Aries! Your love story may just start on a random day, without any preparation or reason. Your spontaneous spirit will carry you away, leaving you in an unexpected situation. This may be a serious relationship or a fling. Enjoy and get the most out of it. Try new things or what you were scared of. Push your boundaries, grow, laugh and don’t forget to smile!


Taurus- Skies are not all blue in your future, Taurus, and it’s not a bad thing. As one flower dies, a new one grows. You may have just ended a relationship but that allows more soil for a new one to blossom. In the meantime, take some time and look around you. Recognize all the beauty in the world and the people. However, while you’re discovering these amazing qualities the world has to offer, remember that no one is as beautiful as you.


Gemini- Big things are on the horizon Gemini. You’re content with your current relationship status, and with good reason. Success is all around you, and much more is coming. Your relationship will grow stronger, with another or just yourself. A greater understanding will form. This will lay the pavement for a brighter future for yourself and other relationships later on, being personal or professional. Moral of the story, you’re at a peak time in your life so you better own it honey!


Cancer- Oh Cancer, good things are soon arriving. You may have just entered a relationship or exited one, but the best is to come. As your search continues, the one gets closer. It may not be  when you expect, but trust me, they’re coming. While you wait, don’t sit and be a damsel in distress! Do things that you’ve always wanted to, but ‘didn’t have time for.’ Lifts some weights, learn to do winged liner, whatever you want. In the end you’ll feel better and your new beau will be even more entranced.


Leo- Leo, Leo, Leo. Where do I start? I sense a shattered heart in the midst. Maybe yours or maybe it’s someone else’s who is no longer in your life. Everything will be okay in the end. You both will grow from this experience and become stronger. It was just not meant to be. But look at it this way, this means there is someone else who is going to be a perfect match for you. You’re just going to have to wait and find them.


Virgo- Well hello beautiful! Aren’t you a head turner? You make everyone swoon when you walk by, and you know it. It’s fun to flirt around, and you enjoy taking part in that game, but be safe. Be sure not to take it too far and hurt someone on accident. You aren’t encountering any serious relationships anytime soon, and that’s for the best. You like playing the field, and you’re dang good at it.


Libra- Hello Libra! How are you on this beautiful day? This month you will connect to nature and be lead into a state of peace and acceptance. Romance will emerge from this, but you’re won’t be seeking out a new relationship. You’re happy with where you are in life and don’t want to change things up. This is for the best. You need to continue focusing on yourself and the tasks currently surrounding you. Improve these and revisit dating later. If you do, you will set yourself up for a long and prosperous relationship in the future.


Scorpio- You are one of the most empowered of all the star signs. You find strength within yourself and don’t need a significant other to validate how far you go and achieve. This month you will find yourself discovering the things that make you happy, whether or not that includes another person alongside. You will embrace the things that make you you and it will make you all the better and happier. Treat yo’ self to a big ol’ heart shaped box of chocolate this year!


Sagittarius- Your mind is always exploring. The curiosity that lies within will join with your adventuring mind and lead you into a new journey. You should find yourself venturing out in the dating world and connecting with someone you never thought you would. I would tell you to protect your heart, but we both know that you’re way too smart to let someone break it.  A person has to earn your trust before they can destroy it, and man do they have to work.


Capricorn- You’re on a quest of love. You’ve been single for a while, with many prospects, but none who fit the job. Now you’re ready and determined to find that right person. The search has begun! Many will come up to you, claiming they’re the one, but you can see right through those acts. They’ll have to prove themselves if they truly think they deserve your flawlessness. You’re not going to waste your time. You’ll be smart when choosing a love interest. You go slay and find happiness!


Aquarius- What you seek is trust. You’ve been your relationship for a while now, and you’re curious nature causes you to want to dive further in. Knowing more about your partner is an important part of all relationships. Ask them any question, even the hard ones you’re scared to. It’s a significant step to take, but necessary for the relationship to grow and become closer. Only good can come out of this, so go for it!


Pisces- Sweet, sweet, Pisces. New relationships are fun aren’t they? And you’re perfect in relationships, so kind, sweet, caring, and gorgeous! But be careful and don’t fall too fast. You would do anything to make people happy and expect nothing in return, but this may damage yourself. Watch and be observant. Don’t push your emotions aside to make your partner happy. It will hurt you both. Establish a solid foundation to build the relationship on and you should be fine. Good luck!

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