Guess Whose First Kiss It Is

Correct answers will not be posted to protect privacy of the individuals and their partners.

Ever wonder about how some of your peers shared their first kiss? See if you can tie the story to the person!

  1. It was a party thing and it was a kiss with a lot of people. They all wanted to kiss me. I told them I was gay, so I didn’t have to kiss some of them.
  2. My first kiss was when I was 13, my current partner and I were watching Mean Girls and I was crying because something made me sad and he went to kiss me but then he kissed my nose and then he hit my eye then we kissed but it was awkward.
  3. On a sailboat, we were dating for 6 months and I really wanted to do it. He looked up on the internet “how to kiss” and read a Wikihow and then we tried again. It was awkward.
  4. It was in the 7/8th grade and it was during a Nightmare on Elm Street
  5. I had my first kiss outside of a movie theater
  6. My first time was with a freshman on the swim team and I was trying to scare him and fake kiss him but then he leaned into much and got a little tounge action in there by mistake
  7. I was in the 3rd grade and this guy was a 2nd grader and he always brought cookies to school and he gave me the whole bag of cookies for a kiss.
  8. It was 2nd grade with my neighbor in his back yard, we were playing pretend Sleeping Beauty and he kissed me and he was my prince and we haven’t talked since.
  9. It was with nobody.
  10. Is it bad that I don’t remember?
  11. I was in 4th grade and I was with my BFF at their house and we were playing spin the bottle and it was a little peck.
  12. I was walking him home and we kissed in his driveway
  13. I was on my first date every with an actual girl and we were sitting down, eating cake and she looks at me and asks if we want to kiss, it was great
  14. My first kiss was right in front of the Bloomington North Baseball Diamond my freshman year
  15. It was in 6th grade and we were standing on my sidewalk and it was raining and really cute and we just kissed