5 Cheap Date Ideas: Fused offers five affordable date ideas for couples on a budget

From playing with puppies to cooking a romantic dinner, Fused provides ideas and instructions for low-budget dates.

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As Valentine’s Day approaches, many couples may start to find an expensive dinner or loads of flowers and chocolates not only over-the-top, but also overpriced. This Valentine’s Day (or any other day of the year) you might want to consider taking that special someone out on one of these five affordable date ideas.

Hammocking with your significant other can be a great way to spend an afternoon outside. ENO

  1. Movie Night at Home.  We all know that movie theatres are ridiculously expensive, give little choice as to what you can see and are often times filled with other people. A movie night at home gives you and your significant other a more relaxed and cost-efficient way to enjoy each other’s company while watching some of your favorite flicks. One way to make watching a movie at home even more fun is to construct a fort together using loads of pillows and cozy blankets. Either camp out in front of a TV in your house or use a laptop to have a movie marathon on Netflix.
  2.  Cook a Romantic Dinner.  Many couples like to enjoy a special dinner together when celebrating an anniversary or holiday, but often times restaurants can have high prices for two, making you worry more about the check than the date, itself. Instead, consider cooking a dinner with your significant other. It’s easy to find tons of cheap recipes on Pinterest or online, and pick ones that use ingredients you may already have at home. Going to the store together can also be fun and a good way to save, as cooking at home is considerably cheaper than dining out. Working together to create a delicious dinner can be part of the date, itself, and you’ll both feel proud of your work in the kitchen when you sit down to enjoy the meal you cooked with each other.
  3. Hike and Hammock.  As the weather begins to warm up, outdoor dates can be some of the most fun with virtually no costs involved. Here, in town, we are lucky to have access to tons of nice hiking trails, especially around the lakes in our county. Hiking one of these trails can be a great way to get some exercise together and spend time outside. Before going on your hike, be sure to pack a backpack full of your favorite snacks, as well as a hammock. If either of you need a break or just find a nice place to relax, you can set up your hammock, eat some snacks and enjoy whatever view you find together.
  4. Playing with Puppies.  Another fun date idea with no expense is playing with puppies together. Delilah’s Pet Shop, Anthony’s Pet Shop and the Monroe County Animal Shelter all allow visitors to take dogs out of their cages and play with guests. This can be a nice break for the puppies to exercise, as well as a super cute date with your significant other. Not to mention, if you’re both under stress with school or work, playing with puppies can be a great stress reliever and an easy way to smile without having to spend any money.
  5. Working out Together.  Couples who workout together stay together! Exercising with your significant other can be a great opportunity for both of you. For some people, having that special someone be your exercise partner can provide the motivation you need to stay on top of your fitness. For others, having your workout partner be a person you feel comfortable with can be a great way to try something new without the nerves of going alone. Bloomington offers tons of great exercise classes and often feature days with lower priced classes. On certain days, both Ethos Cycling and Vibe Yoga offer $5 classes. Also, other workout facilities your first class free, such as Orange Theory. If a class environment is not so much your thing, even a run at a local park or trail can be a great way to spend some time together and feel proud of each other’s accomplishments!