7 Reasons to Stay Single This Valentine’s Day

Spending Valentine’s Day Alone? Here Are Seven Reasons Why That Might Be a Good Thing:

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1.) Being single means that you can dedicate more time to yourself.

  • With the hustle and bustle of school and life often leaving high school students with little time for themselves, relationships can sometimes serve as an unnecessary (and unhealthy) distraction. Time spent with significant others takes away from time that could have otherwise been spent on self-care, getting ahead in schoolwork, or simply catching up on sleep.

2.) You can save the money that you would otherwise have to spend on dates and gifts.

  • Being in a relationships has some inherent costs. Dates alone can account for a significant amount of funds. In fact, the average cost of a date in Indiana has risen considerably in recent years, currently sitting at almost $97. High school dates are admittedly cheaper, but high schoolers also typically have less money. So imagine never having to spend that money or, better yet, spending it all on yourself.

3.) There is literally zero chance of being dumped.

  • The worst part of any good relationship is the end, and, given the astronomically high rates of one-sided breakups, this means that most relationships will end with one or both people feeling crushed. To limit the damages that come with being in a relationship, consider never entering one in the first place!

Valentine’s Day celebrates love, but that doesn’t mean it has to be romantic love; platonic love and self love are just as important.

4.) There are no anniversaries or important dates to remember.

  • People in relationships are in constant fear of forgetting an important date or anniversary. And with the increasing prevalence of anniversaries after two, three, or nine months together, the chance of forgetting one of these dates is likely to continue growing. Interestingly enough, studies have shown the chances of forgetting an important anniversary or date goes down 100% by not entering a relationship to begin with.

5.) You are only responsible for yourself.

  • Kim and Kanye. Barack and Michelle. Beyonce and Jay Z. It is becoming more and more prevalent in our society to associate a person with their significant other. Sometimes, this association exists even when one person in a relationship makes a mistake or cheats. Kim was held partially responsible for some of Kanye’s more questionable tweets. Barack’s presidential bid in 2008 was almost derailed multiple times due to innocent actions by Michelle. And even though she was a victim in the situation, Beyonce was held responsible for Jay Z’s cheating in the eyes of some. In fact, it seems that the only foolproof way to distance yourself from your significant other is to never have one at all.

6.) Maybe you just aren’t ready to be in a relationship.

  • Maybe you just got out of a messy breakup. Maybe you don’t have time to date. Or maybe you just don’t love yourself enough to get in a relationship yet. No matter what, it is important not to enter a relationship if you don’t feel ready.

7.) Friendships can be just as valuable.

  • Even if you aren’t in a romantic relationship, chances are you have loads of platonic relationships (i.e. friendships). In many cases, friendships are just as, if not more, satisfying and fulfilling as romantic relationships. Maybe ditch Valentine’s Day altogether and start hosting a Palentine’s Day to celebrate your friendships.