Cesium Hourglass- A North Band

If you’ve ever been to Rhino’s or North’s Battle of the Bands in previous years, you may have heard of Cesium Hourglass, one of the coolest bands on the block. Founded by Braden Marksberry and Jonathan Rickert in the summer of 2017, the band slowly amassed more people over time and currently consists of North students: Braden Marksberry on piano, Jonathan Rickert on violin, Ryan Eller on drums, Dylan Deckard on violin, Ben Noble-Kutchera on bass, and Ben LaPointe on guitar.

(left to right) Ryan Eller, Dylan Deckard, and Jonathan Rickert at Rhino’s. Photo taken from Cesium Hourglass’s instagram page @cesium.hourglass

Comprising members who specialize in different genres of music, Cesium Hourglass explores new age music: contemporary with a classical twist, which actually inspired the band’s unique name. NIST, an agency which defines standard measurements, precisely defines one second as 9.192 billion oscillations of the cesium atom. “You have this techno, scientific image of cesium combined with an hourglass which is an old, archaic type of time keeping” explains Jonathan Rickert. “The band’s music is inspired by both classical influences like folk, as well as pop, rock, video game music and more modern trends.”

Cesium Hourglass used to play at Rhino’s, Northstock, and Battle of the Bands, but had recently decided to take a break from gigs to focus on releasing their new album Rhythmic Dreams. Recorded and edited in Dylan Deckard’s sound studio, he refers to this as the first album he’s ever produced. Rhythmic Dreams consists of 10 songs and is available on almost every music streaming platform imaginable including Youtube, Spotify, iTunes, Google Music, Pandora, Amazon Music, etc.

Cesium Hourglass’s new album, Rhythmic Dreams

Songwriter Braden Marksberry cites his unique condition as inspiration for his music. “I actually have color sound synesthesia- which means I can see colors when i hear music. It influences my songwriting and I usually write stuff with a certain color scheme in mind.” When asked about the color scheme of the album, he mentions the cover art done by the band’s graphic designer James Shipp. “Rhythmic Dream’s color scheme is depicted on the album cover although the songs are too general for it to have a very specific scheme.” His favorite song from the album, Romantic like a Demon, has a color scheme of red, orange, and green.