Prom Savings!

How to save money while still having the best prom imaginable!


Prom is one of the most exciting events that North has for our seniors and juniors but sometimes it can be tricky to figure out how to pay for everything. The dress and suits, the prom dinner, and of course the tickets. In this article you will find the tips and tricks that all savvy seniors and juniors should know. There is also a student feature from senior Doug Reynolds, who is offering up discounts for suits at the Men’s Warehouse.


Romantic Promposing:

For many prom is a time of romance where you and your partner get together with your friends and dance the night away. It’s a dream. But how exactly can someone ask their special someone in a meaningful way that won’t cost a lot of money?

The answer is simple. Do your promposal in a way that is meaningful. If your partner likes chicken nuggets, then get them a box and write “[their name], will you go to prom with me?” Another idea is writing an inside joke on a piece of either cardboard or poster board.

These two couples are excellent examples of this.

Junior Jack Shepherd promposed to his date, Taylor Storm, by using an elaborate setup which features references from the hit tv comedy “The Office.”

Couple Sam Klein and Jordan Monson had a promposal which feature the use of sock puns which were written on a poster board.

It really doesn’t take much money to do a promposal. Just doing something that will make the person feel special is all that matters.

Friend Promposing:

For those of us who don’t care so much about slow dancing with a partner, here are some promposals for those who just want to have fun dancing with their friends.

These are pretty similar to romantic promposals but without the obvious romantic piece. Just ask them how you would with a romantic partner. Here are a few examples of friend promposals from some of our fellow classmates:

Word of Advice: When doing a friend promposal, you should always be 100% sure that the person you’re asking does not think of you more than a friend or however you want your relationship to be. Make sure you and your friend are on the same page about where you are in each others lives. This will avoid any heartbreak or awkwardness in the future.

Getting Ready- Suits and Ties and Elegant Dresses

Prom Dresses:

Every girl wants to have a nice dress on the day of her prom. In a way, it’s almost like a wedding day. No one would be getting married of course, so your partner doesn’t need to worry, but it’s an important day to many people.

Luckily for us, North is home to an excellent service called Prom Shop. Prom Shop is a service run by Mr. Simic where they collect donated dresses and lend them to girls for prom. The dresses range in size 1 to a 3XL so you’re guaranteed to find something that will fit you. At the time of the interview, they had over 130 prom dresses in basically every style and size possible. Please talk to Mr. Simic in room 502 if you have any questions.

If for some reason you can’t find a dress out of Mr. Simic’s collection, then My Sisters Closet located by the Seminary Square Kroger, is another excellent choice.. They always have a beautiful prom dress selection that is always changing. Hurry while supplies last!

Suits and Ties:

Suits and ties are important for any guy going to prom. Since this is a formal attire event, it is important to dress up and look presentable. Although it’s not required to wear a suit and a tie, it is important to dress nicely. We are fortunate to have a senior in our school who has discounts on the Men’s Warehouse on the east side of town. Senior Doug Reynolds has a $40 discount for rentals at the Men’s Warehouse. The suits are entirely name brand and are, in Doug’s words, “a great way to look perfect for that special night with your special someone.” You can find him either roaming around the hallways or by texting him on either SnapChat or Instagram at doug_reynolds1 and doug_reynolds_1.


As for glamming up for the big day, those interested in fancy makeup or extraordinary hairdos are invited to check out Tricoci University next to the north side Steak and Shake. Tricoci University is only a mile and a half away from school and is a great place to get a good style that doesn’t cost as much as going to an actual salon.

The stylists are made up of cosmetology students who are working on getting their license. If that scares you, then be aware that in order for them to count their services towards their credits they have to get a teacher to approve and sign off on the look or style they’ve created.

Tricoci is a great place for getting hair, makeup, and nails done for your big night. And if you’re feeling like pampering yourself more, they also provide facials and body wraps that are definitely worth trying.

On top of this, they are offering a special prom deal for $30. The deal includes a glamorous hair style, fabulous makeup, and a manicure that is guaranteed to knock your dates socks off.

Good luck on making the perfect prom! And remember: it’s not about how much you spend. It’s about what you do and the thought that goes in to whatever you’re doing. Money won’t buy someone’s love or friendship, that’s why you’ve got to earn it by being the best date you can be.

Now get out there seniors and juniors, and let’s tear up that dance floor!!