More Than a Fashion Show

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     Every winter, a group of North students gather to put on a fashion show promoting body positivity and inclusivity. The money from this event goes straight to Middle Way House, an organization in town that supports victims of sexual assault, domestic violence, and human trafficking in Southen Indiana. 

     This group, called Project Middle Way, is led by president Joelle Jackson. Jackson, senior, has been the president of Project Middle Way since her sophomore year and hopes to make this her biggest year yet. 

     “One of my goals this year is to raise more money for Middle Way House than we ever have before,” she said. “Beyond that I want us to have a greater presence in the school community and present more advocacy and prevention programs beyond the fashion show.”

     Project Middle Way is surely delivering on that goal. The group hosted a crowded Woke Success session on healthy relationships earlier this year and on Oct. 30 and 31, the group is running lunch tables focused on My Costume is Not Consent. 

     “We’ll have prizes, candy, a photo station, and most importantly, information about consent and sexual assault,” Jackson described the event. 

     On top of this, the iconic Project Middle Way fashion show is fast approaching. 

     “Fashion can be such a celebration of self expression, and while it is often used for disempowerment, we turn into a tool of empowerment to lift up students and spread inclusivity, body positivity, and joy,” Jackson said regarding the show. Model call outs will be happening soon, and the actual event will occur on February 29, 2020. 

     Overall, Jackson’s favorite part of the club is seeing the impact it has on North students. 

     “Getting to see so many kids have so much fun expressing who they are in a positive space has been incredibly meaningful for me,” Jackson said about the fashion show. “The event itself is also just massively fun, so I always have a blast.”

     Through events like these, Project Middle Way is making a difference not just at North but in the community.