Whodunnit? The Mysterious Murder of Mr. Beaver, Chapter One

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BREAKING: Mr. Adam Beaver, beloved student media teacher, found dead Thursday afternoon. Beaver was found in the science bathrooms by Mr. Steve Philbeck, who was performing a routine bathroom check. Authorities say that Beaver had a small cut on his back and blunt force trauma throughout his body. The railing of the stairway nearest to the bathroom appears to have been bent, it is unknown at this time if this is relevant to the death of Beaver. Bits of plastic litter were found in the area in front of the railing. As his many students know, Beaver wore glasses at all times of the day, his glasses were found broken in the hallway of the 300s wing.


Beaver was last seen by his seventh period mythology class before B lunch. Students say he was planning on going to Dew Drop. Based on the information available, it is assumed Beaver Dew Dropped dead during this time period. Isaiah King recounts seeing him on his way to lunch. No one in Dew Drop can recount his visit. Beavers students came back to lunch to find their teacher missing, administration was called in and Dr. Irwin watched his classes for the remainder of the day. Beavers body was found within 10 minutes of the start of the eighth period.


School was cancelled Friday and Monday and will be cancelled for the remainder of the week. A memorial service will be held Monday, November 4, in the main gymnasium.


We interviewed his students to see what they could remember of that fateful day, here they are.


Bronwen Deckard, junior:

“Third period Thursday? I was in Holicky’s room, I mean, yeah, I probably left the room at some point. But I wouldn’t stab anyone, especially not with these plastic sporks. It’s for a marching band game, I’m not holding them to be weird. There was plastic and a small stab wound at the crime science? I guess I’m being framed, I mean, who could ever hurt poor old Mr. Beaver?”


Olivia Ryan, Sophomore:

“I was in Roe’s room, I have C lunch and I didn’t leave class before, Roe can attest to that. I swear, I didn’t do it, I could never hurt him. Do I have any idea who could’ve? Well, I heard Isaiah talking about how his bad grade was unjustifiable. I would talk to him.”


Isaiah King, sophomore:

“Did I kill Mr. Beaver? Dude, I don’t even know, I was just chilling in the bathroom. Who knows what happened there. I was walking during passing period before B lunch, I saw Mr. Beaver, so I gave him a dirty look, he gave me a bad grade! I plead the fifth on anything else, can I go to the bathroom now?”


Ava Mattox, Gabe Norris and Zoe Scheuerman were unavailable for comment at this time.