Tragic Cats


Spoiler Free

“Cats,” directed by Tom Hooper, is a memory I wish I could erase. The movie’s horrifying blend of human and cat looks rushed, like there wasn’t any effort put into it, and the A-list actors and actresses do nothing to help the outcome of this film. The direction of the film was boring and there are no character curves or real plotlines because most of the film is dedicated to introductions of even more cats. 

Because of this, the movie has too many cats to remember or care about, and the cats all have the same one stick, like this cat is nice and this cat is funny. Because the film is mainly introduction to other cats, there is no room for any character development. 

The whole movie is boring and doesn’t have anything to keep the audience engaged with it. I would watch this movie if I wanted to go to sleep and have bad dreams. The aimless plot and nonexistent character development leaves me feeling bored and unsatisfied in the end. 

The CGI for the cats made them terrifying to look at. When the actors and actresses moved it felt like their faces had to catch up to the movement of their body. The hands of the cats were left human, making them even more uncomfortable to look at, and the human faces were left alone, making it even harder to view these creatures as cats. 

Spoilers ahead

The cringiest cat of all was Jennyanydot, played be Rebel Wilson. This cat has slave mice and roaches which she would eat with an uncomfortable crunching noise. She also had random skin changes where she would unzip her fur coat. She didn’t just do the weird skin swap once, but she does it twice and each time it made me feel incredibly weird. 

The CGI was so rushed that Old Deuteronomy, played by Judi Dench, still had her wedding ring on in the final draft. A few days after this movie came out, the theaters received a new draft of the movie getting rid of the character’s wedding ring. The CGI of the faces, especially Grizabella, played by Jennifer Hudson, wasn’t right, with Grizabella’s face looking unnatural against her fur. 

The amount of cat puns and other bad attempts at jokes to add humor to the movie did nothing. The first few times were fun but after so many cat puns, it became more annoying than funny. 


I would say that this movie was not only a disaster in the box office, but also a disjustice to the original musical. Universal supposedly rushed the director and the editors to get this out on time even after the negative feedback to the first teaser, so there’s no definitive place for blame. Would the movie still come out this bad, if it wasn’t rushed? I think so, considering the story line and the never ending introductions of different cats. I would give this movie 0 kitties out of 10 kitties. I would not watch this movie again, let alone pay for it.