Diary From the Ruins of the Apocalypse

We all knew the world was going to end someday, right? I bet most people didn’t imagine it happening so fast though. What started out as whispered hopes of finals being canceled quickly escalated to wide-spread panic. At first, people seemed to think that running would help. They quickly realized this was simply something you could not escape. I’m sure if you’ve seen the film “Chicken Little” you can probably imagine it. The part where Chicken Little warns everyone of the oncoming peril, but no one believes him until the sky actually starts falling. 

Chances are that no one will have the pleasure of reading my accounts because it’s pretty likely everyone will die soon. But in the off-chance that no one else decides to record the events, I’ll be your guide to armageddon. Although I don’t believe in all that religion mumbo jumbo, the world is most definitely in the process of ending. Whether anyone will even survive is unbeknownst to all human beings on the planet. Trust me, I’ve been listening to the few news channels that still have access to a broadcasting system. 

Starting off the year, we knew the planet was simultaneously on fire and flooding. That was terrifying. I’d consider the declaration of World War 3 the real selling point on worldwide hysteria.  

Anyways, from the vantage point of my nuclear fallout shelter… Nah, I’m just kidding. We’re not quite there yet. 

I get that this has got a load of lead-up, but I’m currently lying on my bed with my feet crossed at the ankles and up against the wall above my headboard. This is the most comfortable position I can imagine being in at this very moment. And comfort is most definitely key in recounting the events of what we will refer to as the apocalypse from this moment forward. The apocalypse has left the world in peril and a constant state of destruction. I can hear trees being felled across the way from my house in an attempt to stop the spread of possible fires. This probably seems like a great temporary solution to the fire problem, but what happens when we get rid of all the trees? We’ll start running out of breathable air. Humans cannot live without safe air to breathe. People would suffer. I have no current better ideas, but I can see the problem in the current management. 

My dad just called down to me from the kitchen. I can hear him opening cabinets. The smell I am currently smelling is the usual. I think we’re probably having soup. It’s hard to be sure. After all, it is pretty much the only thing we ever eat anymore because of food rationing. No one knows how long we have to exist before it gets really bad (as if it isn’t already). Everyone is simultaneously panicking too much and not enough. It’s worrying when they can’t even find a happy medium. 

I’m so tired of being scared of not knowing what happens next. I can only think in terms of right now, so off to the soup, I guess.  

And that’s when the entire house started shaking and bits of the tile started flaking off into my soup. I dropped the spoon and it flipped onto the floor leaving a spatter of broth. I’m writing this hours after the fact because we assumed earthquake safety position under the table for who knows how long. The house is in ruins. We cleaned for a while, but eventually gave up. There was just too much mess. I think I’m done writing. It’s too real and I don’t think I’m ready to bear the weight of recounting the end of the world. 

Signing off.