The Seven Best Ways to Ignore Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a trash holiday. You are either happily in a relationship, wish you were, or fine with being single and stuck watching the hordes of happy couples fill your Instagram feed. So here are the best ways to ignore the holiday altogether, or at least get a little bit of joy out of it. 

1.Watch a Movie

There is no better way to block out this holiday than with a favorite movie. Preferably one that has absolutely no romantic subplot. “Captain Marvel” and “Oceans 11” are good options for this, or if you want to see a relationship in shambles you can watch “Frozen.” 

2. Go to Kroger

Chocolate is bound to be on sale sometime around Valentine’s Day, and if you go the day of you can see a long line or boyfriends who clearly forgot to get their girlfriends something in line at the floral department. 

2. Galentine’s Day

Follow in the path of Leslie Knope and celebrate your friendships. They will probably last longer than a romantic relationship anyways.

3. Treat Yourself

Eat that chocolate you just bought at Kroger. Go to the Gym. Watch seven consecutive episodes of “The West Wing.” Do a coloring book. Talk to your parents. Play video games. Waste a paycheck at Target. Do whatever makes you happy. 

4. Cry

If crying is how you need to cope with this trash holiday, then cry it out! It’s completely valid to feel alone and sad on Valentine’s Day.

5. Block every couple you know on social media

Trust me, you’ll regret it if you don’t.

6. Buy yourself a Carnation from FUSED

Everyone loves getting flowers, even if you buy them for yourself. Plus they are only a dollar. That’s pretty much nothing. 

7. Absolutely Nothing

Refuse to acknowledge that this holiday exists. When someone asks what your plans are for Valentine’s Day, respond with “what’s that?”