Fine Arts at Home

What it means to be an art student in a global pandemic.



The Fine Art classes have always been classes where students can let go of their stress and create art, but this year it is very different because of the challenges that COVID-19 poses for everyone. Art students continuing with online learning must create their art without the immediate help or guidance of a teacher. 

For some this is easy, but for others 

 “It’s kind of a weird feeling,” Liz Sanchez Garrafa said a senior in drawing five. Being at home poses many challenges for art students. Some students during much of t


he first quarter had to wait to get supplies. Shawnee Brown, a junior in ceramics five had this issue but was still able to use this time. 

“It was mostly collecting our ideas for once we did get clay. 

That way we could just jump right into the project” he said. But 

in classes that require a lot of suppl

ies, there are still limitations 

to what can be done from home.


“I have all the tools I need to make stuff, [but] I can’t throw [clay on a potter’s wheel] which is a bummer,” he said. 

Art students are creating in different ways and using materials that they have in their homes. Which is not necessarily a bad thing. Sanchez said 

 “It’s more free and more expressive,” 

 Brown who is strictly sculpting and building rather than using throwing wheels said, “I do Prefer hand-building.” 

One struggle students are having in art classes is the lack of peer



Brown said, “It sucks that there’s no one to share ideas with,” 

Sanchez said that she “misses having friends supporting you and the teachers, compared to being at home.” A big part of being an art student is being with friends and seeing what they were creating, and with online school, artists are simply on their own. 


There are upsides to onli

ne art classes and Sanchez expressed that at home she is able to look for inspiration in other places 

“Here I have more time to go outside whenever I want, compared to school,” she said. So, while there are no fellow students to bounce ideas off of, at least art students are now able to find inspiration in places that they would not normally look. With that students are able to produce art that better reflects the student and their personal styles. 

Like all teachers this year, art teachers have worked extra hard providing a good place for students to create their own work. 

Though it is not but


 perfect, students greatly appreciate all of their 

teachers’ tim

e and effort.

“it’s very nice that he’s try

ing his best,

that’s what I appreciate” Sanchez said about

Mr. Allanson the dra

wing teacher at North. 

Even though all of 2020’s struggles 

young artists are still able to produce their art. 

Sanchez says that her art is “going to be high 

quality… either way” showing that COVID is 

not going to stop her and North’s fine art students from creating masterpieces.