Six Animated Shows You Should Watch

Animated shows on Netflix that everyone should watch

Due to COVID-19 everyone is still stuck inside, lounging around with nothing else to do. Even though it is tempting to hang out with friends, it still can lead to more people getting sick. To encourage you to stay indoors, here are six animated shows on Netflix that can help cure boredom. 


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Show Description: The show follows an anthropomorphic horse, BoJack Horseman, who used to be a T.V. star in the ‘90s. The plot revolves around BoJack and his rising back into fame with the help of his friends. 

Why should you watch it? BoJack Horseman is a show that although seems silly at first takes a more serious turn. In later seasons the show deals with mental illness, addiction, toxic relationships and other serious topics. Most critics of the show love the way this show handles these serious issues. 

  1. The Midnight Gospel 
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Show Description: This show takes a peek into the life of Clancy Gilroy, who is a self-proclaimed “space caster”. He interviews people and creatures from other planets to get their perspectives about certain issues that we all think about. 

Why should you watch it? Clancy, the interviewer, asks his extraterrestrial guests real-life base questions. His guests’ answers are pulled from actual, professionally produced interviews with celebrities. In fact, the audio from those real celebrity interviews are interwoven in Clancy’s fictional universe. This allows real vulnerability and the ability to really look into certain topics. The show is bright and beautifully animated while handling issues like religion, death, substance use and many other topics that also come up.  

  1. Hilda 
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Show Description: Hilda is about a little girl who moves to the city of Trolberg. While there she deals with new creatures and situations she has never seen before, some being friendly and some being dangerous. 

Why should you watch it? Hilda is a charming animation that is nice to relax to or even use as background noise. It only has two seasons and is a super easy binge watch. 

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Show Description: Retsuko is a regular working woman at a Japanese trading center. She deals with a lot of things we deal with from annoying social interactions at work to sexism in the workplace, but she has a secret way to deal with it all. When things get too stressful she goes to a local karaoke bar and belts death-metal. 

Why should you watch it?  Aggretsuko can be very relatable to a lot of people. Most people love the adorable art style and complexity to each character. 

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Show description: Tuca and Bertie are two bird women that are 30 years old and bestfriends. Together the polar opposites try to figure out life and any other weird situations they find themselves in from relationships to finding what makes them happy. 

Why should you watch? Like BoJack Horseman, this show also handles serious issues through comedy but it is a little more upbeat. This show is also easy to binge watch as it is only a season long. 

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Show description: This show was created by the same people that created The Simpsons and has a very similar animation style. The fantasy show is about a rebellious princess from the medieval times, named Bean with her two companions.   

Why should you watch? Each character is charming in their own way and the world they are in is fascinating. If you are not used to any other animation besides The Simpsons or Futurama, this could be a good transition to others.