Editorial: Revolutionizing the High School Newspaper

Jacob Taylor, Editor-in-Chief

The world as we know it is changing and at a more rapid pace than ever before. Tabloid newspapers are quickly disappearing and spotting someone reading a large print newspaper is a rare occurrence. Tabloid newspapers are unsightly, colossal, and confusing especially for younger readers. That’s why this year Fused Newsmagazine is changing forever.

No more will there be substandard print jobs, unedited captions, and an uninterested audience. This year Fused is taking leaps and bounds to revolutionize Bloomington High School North’s student newspaper.

To start, we are emerging with a strong online presence. As more and more media organizations made the transition from print newspapers to online news sites, Fused was left behind. Past attempts of creating a Fused online paper have failed. They have been unorganized, unprofessional, and short lived. This year we took a courageous risk when we spent $625 of our pocket-sized budget to create a SNO site. SNO Sites is the leading web hosting service for high school newspapers. We’ve already seen the payoff from this decision. We are able to publish stories more frequently and can publish as many articles as we’d like. We also have the ability to update stories as we learn more information about a topic. We have limitless options in how we can present information as well. We can post articles, pictures, voice recordings, videos, etc. Another advantage to having a website is that our readers, primarily North students, are able to access our site from anywhere in the world.

The second step we are taking to transform Fused is publishing two print magazine style papers throughout the year. We aim to publish one in the fall and one in the spring. Our first magazine, which is on schedule to be published in November, will have a glossy cover, and a sophisticated design. Our staff hopes that the new look and the limited amount of print issues will increase excitement and readership. Since we have almost an entire semester to work on the print version of Fused, our goal is to make the magazine visually astonishing and provide sensational content.

The entire Fused staff have been working extremely hard to change the way media is reported at Bloomington High School North. We trust that the steps we are taking will revolutionize the way Fused Newsmagazine is viewed.