North’s Boy’s Tennis Team: Success Through Connection

Melissa Brooks, Reporter

North’s boys’ tennis team is more than just a team.  While they are talented, their success comes from their strong connection and cooperation.  

“It’s important to build team chemistry,” said Scott Bode, co-captain of the boys’ tennis team.   

Bode believes a team does better when the team is closer. One thing the team does to stay close is go out to eat together after a big game.  They also hang out on weekends, and if they’re not playing, they still go to the games together.  

“I really like being part of a team where varsity and junior varsity play at a high level,” said sophomore Sam Orbaugh, member of the boys’ tennis team.  

He also mentioned that he admires how the coach always gives everyone equal opportunities.   

Senior Subin Bae, also on the team, discussed what he likes about the tennis team.  

“Team members give back, if they want the crowd cheering, they have to cheer and show they care,” Bae said.

Bae said there has never been a tennis game that nobody cheered for.  Parents normally get other people in the stands pumped for the matches, and team members always encourage one another to do their best.