Women Still Vote, Mr. Trump

Mary Cashman, Reporter

I have several questions for the Republican Presidential Nominee, Donald J. Trump.

What runs through your head? What makes you tick? What angles are you going for? Are you achieving them? Do you really think insulting anyone who isn’t like you is going to work?

You’ve already insulted Latinos, African Americans – oh, I’m sorry, ‘the Blacks’, who love you, as you’ve assured us. You’ve gone after Muslims. You’ve mocked a disabled reporter. Do you remember what you said about the Kahns, a gold-star family? You’ve proposed we register every single Muslim already living in America, and block all immigration from the Middle East. You’ve gone after the Clinton’s own scandal, with Monica Lewinsky, completely forgetting your own betrayals to your own wives.

And this wasn’t enough to dissuade the crowds of people that still follow you. But now you’ve royally messed it all up. Yes, you, Mr. Trump, Donald, if I may be casual, have completely screwed over your chances. You’ll drop out of the race. No one will ever give you a second thought.

Except that isn’t true. That isn’t true at all. The good people of America can still stomach you. More than that, they still adore you. You were absolutely correct, Donald. You could shoot someone in the middle of the street, and they’d be able to find an excuse for you.

At least, that’s what they do with every campus rape case. As the old saying goes, “boys will be boys.” Even though I throw up a little in my mouth every time I hear that phrase, it did make me think of a question for you. Well, when does a boy become a man? No one can say for sure, it’s a developmental phase every human being goes through as they mature into adulthood, and often it’s an emotional phase as well – but everyone can safely say a boy becomes a man well before 70.

Forgive me for beating around the bush. I’ll get to the point.

Many are well aware that you have no previous background in politics – but is groping and assaulting women a good business practice?

While you’re considering that, Mr. Trump, may I ask you why you’d brag about this to a man who works in television? Even if he hadn’t been laughing right along with you, what is there to gain? Are you really so insecure that you’d brag to Billy Bush, a man who is only a “man” because he gives into the stereotype of a lustful pervert?

And if you can wrap your mind around that one, Mr. Trump, can I ask you another question? How’s Melania? How are your daughters? Your sisters, how are they as well? I heard you had a few granddaughters, and another one on the way. Maybe it’s going to be a girl. How are your granddaughters, Mr. Trump? Good? I do hope so. Now tell them what you really are.

Tell them about one Ms. Kristen Anderson. Tell them how you said it was nothing, how reaching up a woman’s skirt is “nothing.” Now look at their faces. Watch as their eyes grow wider, and they can’t look at you without the same disgust that women and girls all over America feel every time they think about you doing the same to their own sisters and daughters, maybe even themselves. Doesn’t sit so comfortably with you now, does it?

It’s actually not nothing, and it really sends an awful message to women that they are nothing,” as Kristen Anderson herself said when she was interviewed by the Daily Beast.

You are not a real man, Mr. Trump. Real men don’t call women, who already won the title Miss Universe by the way, ‘fat,’ ‘Miss Piggy,’ or ‘Miss House Cleaning.’ Oh, good job, Mr. Trump! You are so clever. You picked up on the detail that she’s from Venezuela, and therefore made fun of her for it. The negative stereotype was a good touch.

Speaking of your cleverness, having Bill Clinton’s accusers at the debate was a stroke of genius. It just shows us all that men can do whatever they want to any woman. I also think this was exceedingly clever on your part, Mr. Trump, to show that you’re not the only one who’s done these things. You’ve given us all a lovely reminder that this happens all the time. Lovely.

Let me ask you another question. How’s your son? You know, Barron? What age is he, now? Eleven? Twelve? My sister’s around the same age. Is Barron nice to people? Does he get along all right? And how does he treat girls? I’m only curious. I would like to see if you’ve been teaching him how to treat them, what with that immense respect for women you swear you have.

Speaking of which, was your blessed father like this, I wonder? A distinguished man like him, who gave you the measly amount of one million dollars to see what you could do with it. A clever man, a hard working man, some will say of him. Did Daddy teach you to corner them in a furniture store? Or would any isolated place do just as well, Mr. Trump? Did Daddy tell you to take a Tic Tac before you kiss a pretty woman?

A final two questions, Mr. Trump, just bear with me.

What are you trying to tell us young women of this country? We are a new generation, and we are not going to stand to the crimes of the past. We are strong women who won’t be silent, no matter what you tell us. People say that we’re being cry babies who want special privileges – but you know what? We’ve heard worse. And you’re forgetting: we make up half of this country. And we are mad. We are furious. We are tired of you people hooting or calling us names when we’re minding our own business, we’re tired of all you jerk offs who think ‘no’ means ‘yes.’ We’re tired of our bosses harassing us, threatening to fire us. We’re tired of being afraid to go around at night, even in places we think are safe during the day. We’re tired of our daughters having to worry about these things. We’re tired of seeing little girls and thinking: I hope it’s different for you. In short, Mr. Trump, WE ARE TIRED OF MEN LIKE YOU.

And what are you trying to tell the young men of this country? Young people do look up to you successful types, you know-anyone famous, and you sir, are certainly famous. Are you trying to tell them they can touch us whenever they like? That they can have their pick of us, no matter what we say? What kind of dark ages thinking is that, sir? Oh, I’m sorry, I completely forgot. My body doesn’t belong to me. None of our bodies belong to any of us. How could I forget? How dare I forget? I suppose your message to them is that if the girl across the hall looks nice to you, go ahead and do what you like. ‘No’ doesn’t mean anything.

Michelle Obama made a good point in her speech, Mr. Trump – not only should girls be taught that our bodies BELONG TO OURSELVES, but boys should be taught to respect our right, just as we respect theirs. We are all better off if we can all just keep our hands to ourselves. Not every boy is like our friend Mr. Trump. With each generation born, there will be less and less people like him, because we are all raising “Strong women and strong men,” who don’t do those things.

Let me clear up Mr. Trump’s blunder – Real men don’t call women “dogs” or “fat pigs.” Real men don’t put their hands all over women, even when they tell you to stop. Real men don’t discriminate against women because of their gender. Real men aren’t threatened by powerful women, because it means they can fight back. And finally, Mr. Trump, if the thought of living in a country where a man who brags about assaulting women on top of saying any racist and ridiculous thought that comes to mind does not almost give you a heart attack, then there is no defense in the world that can save you from the hordes of women nation-wide who are getting ready to vote.

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Women Still Vote, Mr. Trump