Wednesday October 26th : Confederate Flags Flood North

Sydney Piercy, Reporter

Wednesday October 26th, North was swimming in red white and blue, although not the red white and blue that flies high outside the front doors of the school.

A number of North students were seen wearing confederate flags on their clothes and personal items, and four students even came to school draped in confederate flags worn like capes. Students who wore the flags claim to have worn them to express their Southern pride, but some say the flag-wearing was a protest in retaliation to North United Students club for hosting a “Coming Out Day” last week.

This confederate movement offended a great number of students, and some LGBTQ students were even verbally assaulted. Students reported feeling unsafe and extremely disturbed by the band of students wearing the flag.

In the evening, a group of students went to a MCCSC school board meeting to peacefully protest this display of the Confederate Flag.

Following the meeting, North Principal Henderson released a statement banning the confederate flag at North. He sent a letter out to parents and students with the new rules laid out: 

“This issue has evolved into one that has created a substantial disruption to the educational environment. As a result, students may no longer wear or display images of the confederate flag on their clothing or any other personal item while at school or a school-sponsored event or function due to the disruption it has created.”

Students expressed relief upon learning the confederate flag is now banned at North.