Screaming, Eating Ice Cream, and Suffering Together: Just a Few Ways We Deal With the Stress of Finals

Arianna Buehler, Reporter

Judgement Week is here. A brutal four days of tests that expect you to recall a semester’s worth of information.

Students use many ways to prepare. However, even if you study effectively, stress can cause you to forget everything at a moment’s notice.

While many people have different methods on how to study, no one really knows how to destress for the exams.

Here is how some of our Fused’s Newspaper Staffers deal with stress:


Taylor models how he stress eats by holding a bowl of white rice. (Photo by Frances Sheets)

Jake Taylor, our Editor-in-Chief, finds that finite is his most stressful class.

“I don’t think I really destress at all, I just stress the entire time,” Taylor said. “I just study, and I ask other people how they’re feeling and that helps me because normally they’re all in the same boat. So we all suffer together.”


Garcia poses with a coffee mug to show her stress. (Photo by Frances Sheets)

Isabel Garcia, our Copy Editor, thinks that English is her most stressful class because she wants to prove herself to the class. She has many methods of destressing, ranging from writing poetry to stress eating ice cream or hiking.

“Sometimes I’ll do a cathartic scream,” she said. “Like one time I scared my dog so badly though that he s[***] in the hallway.”


Sterne reenacts biting a keyboard. (Photo by Frances Sheets)

Savannah Sterne, our Design Editor, deals with her stress for this round of finals in a variety of ways:

“I am not very well at destressing,” she said. “I’ve eaten Ramen Noodles every day for the past week and a half. I’m on a couple anti-depressants. I scream a lot.”

In the newsroom, before we release a print issue,  you can often hear her yelling odd noises and various sounds that resemble an injured cat.

“I’m constantly stressed and anxious,” Sterne said. “I have no advice for you.”


Piercy poses normally because she knows not to stress about the little things. (Photo by Frances Sheets)

Sydney Piercy, is the only member on our staff that doesn’t get really stressed. When she does, she stress bakes cupcakes. She thinks that stressing about the little things is only cause for getting wrinkles really fast. Piercy has a back up plan, which helps her to not get stressed about the little things.

“If I fail school, I can always just play guitar on the streets,” she said.