Getting to Know the U.S. Presidential Candidates

Hannah Arroyo

September 15, 2020

The 2020 presidential election is coming up this fall which is important because for some people the way some issues are handled are life and death . It’s an important year due to the current events. No matter if you are democratic, republican or independent it is important to know who both candidates are...

Checking In: Students’ Thoughts on E-learning

Zoe Scheuerman, Reporter

May 7, 2020

E-learning has thrown a wrench in the student body’s end-of-semester plans, but despite COVID-19 and all of the serious health, financial, social, etcetera issues that have come with it, students are making the most of a difficult situation. Even though online learning has not been an ideal way to en...

Social Distancing Measures Around Bloomington

Zoe Scheuerman, Reporter

April 17, 2020

In order to slow the spread of the Coronavirus in the United States, the CDC has released several social distancing recommendations to inform people about healthy behavior. The main recommended practices, including staying six feet away from other people at all times, not gathering in groups and avo...

A Summary of Indiana’s Response to COVID-19

April 12, 2020

We are living in unprecedented times. COVID-19 has brought nearly the entire world to a standstill. Countries around the world are closing down and enacting social distancing measures. In the United States, it is the states’ responsibility to handle the coronavirus.  In Indiana, Gov. Holcomb has had a strong ha...

Cougar Athletic College Commitments

Ava Mattox

January 28, 2020

  North has had a spectacularly good year in sports this year. Being an athlete at North means lots of hard work, and many athletes excel on our sports teams. However, few athletes go on to participate in athletics at the next level. Thankfully, North has some of this year’s top college co...

Fall Choral Festival

Ava Mattox, Co-Editor

November 6, 2019

2019  is the first year to include choirs from all feeder middle schools as well as BHSN!   On Oct. 23, North held the first choir concert of this school year, the Fall Choral Festival. Normally, the festival only features singers from North, but Mrs. Crozier, North’s Choral Director, decid...

Lotus: International Arts Close to Home

Zoe Scheuerman, Reporter

October 30, 2019

As a college town, Bloomington has always been fairly arts-oriented and multicultural, but the annual Lotus festival puts fine arts from all over the world on full display. This year, acts included musicians from 19 different countries, including Palestine, Mexico, Bali, Brazil, Finland, France, the De...

North Student Council Dates Fall 2019

Ava Mattox

September 4, 2019

School has gotten back into swing, and as the fall season approaches, you know what time it is! Homecoming season! Here are a few dates you need to know for Homecoming as well as some other important StuCo dates during this fall!   Sept. 17, 6 p.m. - Boys Soccer Game and Bonfire Sept. 19, 4 p...

The First-Ever Photo of a Black Hole

The First-Ever Photo of a Black Hole

Jerrett Alexander, Reporter

April 10, 2019

On Wednesday, April 10, the Event Horizon Telescope Project released the first-ever photo of a black hole. The image, which you can view here, captures the black hole's horizon, which is basically the barrier between the black hole's interior and exterior space. The release of this photo comes more...

The Midterm Elections: A “Referendum” on President Trump and the Emergence of a Divided Government

President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence campaign for Republican candidate Mike Braun in his race to unseat Sen. Joe Donnelly.

Jerrett Alexander, Reporter

November 20, 2018

The nation’s midterm elections were held on Nov. 6 after months of fierce campaigning from both sides. Prior to the actual vote, many characterized the midterms as a check on Pres. Donald Trump and, to a lesser extent, the Republican-held Congress. Democrats, who lost the presidency in 2016 and have...

March For Our Lives, D.C. Trip

March For Our Lives, D.C. Trip

Abby Cannon, Reporter

May 28, 2018

With Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Student Cameron Kasky’s powerful words Saturday, “Welcome to the revolution,” so began a new era. Not only was our generation coming of age, but a new political force was being unleashed. More than 50 students from Bloomington High Schools North and So...

GC Speaks Out on FCC Proposal to Reverse Net Neutrality

Megan Schoonover, Reporter

December 14, 2017

   How often do you use the internet? In today’s day and age you most likely do very often. Net neutrality allows us to have freedom on the internet and do the things we do every day. Net neutrality, according to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, is defined as,”The idea, principle, or requirement...

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